Destruction of the Nova Kakhovka dam: water filters and other aid urgently needed in the flooded area

On 6 June 2023 the dam in the Dnipro near Nova Kakhovka was destroyed, causing catastrophic flooding. Houses, shops, factories and hospitals are flooded. The drinking water supply of Kherson and villages and towns in the area is also in great danger or is completely lost. Serious infectious diseases are lurking due to drinking polluted surface water.

Volunteers from De Leeuw Kyiv immediately left for the disaster area with the first relief items it had in stock: food and water filters. However, much more is needed to prevent a catastrophe: large industrial water pumps, more water filters and means of transport!

An enormous effort will have to be made in the coming months to overcome the consequences of this disaster, which will come on top of the war.

What is needed?

Water filters, water pumps, means of transport, and more!

Please donate via so that De Leeuw Kyiv can provide maximum and structural help, including water filters, to the Ukrainian population in the disaster area.