Project details

1. Fundraising

Your donation and those of other funders – Rotary Clubs, philanthropists, corporate organizations and individual donors – are received into a special bank account of Rotary Club Estoi Palace International:

Account holder name: Rotary Club de Estoi Palace International

IBAN: PT50 0018 0003 5685 0449 0205 8


Bank name and country: Banco Santander Totta S.A., Portugal

Reference: Water filters for Ukraine

Each batch of 5,000 euros or more is immediately transferred to the bank account of the De Leeuw Kyiv Foundation which immediately purchases the WHO-endorsed Nazava Water Filters. Upon receiving these funds, the water filters are assembled in Ukraine and next transported to the war zones.

2. Assembling of Water Filters

The Nazava water filters are produced in Bandung, Indonesia, by a social enterprise run by experienced aid workers. 10,000 water filters have already been transported to Ukraine for free thanks to a major international airline. In Ukraine internally displaced persons (IDPs) assemble the final water filters. They are remunerated. From a safe storage, volunteers, mainly farmers, courageously drive the donated filters into the into the war zones.

3. Delivery to families in need

The De Leeuw Kyiv Foundation is registered under Dutch law, is based in Ukraine and gathers particularly Ukrainian and Dutch farmers who volunteer to use their own and donated transport capacity to bring the water filters into Ukrainian war zones. Through local distribution points the water filters are distributed among families in need. The drivers/distributors are trained to provide user instructions to the families. Forms are completed to register details of the distribution and the environment in which the distribution takes place. Pictures are attached.