Russian rocket hit apartment building in Uman, Ukraine

Kees Huizinga: “In a residential area in Uman in the middle of Ukraine 500 km away from the frontline… A russian rocket hit this building at around 4:30 this morning. I saw the rescue workers carry away at least one dead civilian.

Dear Ukraine supporters, Kees Huizinga is one of the central persons in our effort to provide waterfilters to the front in Ukraine. His farm is near Uman, central Ukraine, where we stored our 10,000 waterfilters before successfully distributing these in the past months. Uman is now hit by a Russian missile deliberately fired during the night into a housing complex. Kees was nearby, this is his video. Several children and grown-ups lost their lives immediately while sleeping. There is no other conclusion possible than that the attack aimed to kill sleeping civilians. Indeed Chinese President Xi can stop this. The world watches how long it takes him to do what any honourable human being with his power would do.