Stories from Ukraine

Early October 2022 the first water filters donated through Rotary Club Estoi Palace International will be delivered to families in the Ukrainian war zones. In this section on our website we will bring some of their stories.

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  • Praaning Prawira Adiningrat Rio Dick
    7:05 am - October 16, 2022.

    Some 500 meters from my bed, early Monday morning 10th October, a little boy walked with his mother through the center of Kyiv, Ukraine’s courageous capital. Was he thinking of his father, who fell at the front a month ago? A big Russian bomb exploded close to him. Shrapnel hit his mother, killing her instantly. Please think of this little boy. And so many families losing house, fathers, mothers, children.

  • Praaning Prawira Adiningrat Rio Dick
    7:16 am - October 16, 2022.

    Mikolayev, 9th October 2022. An old couple struggles to get a large bottle of ‘fresh’ water home. First, their tap water stopped for one month. The Russians bombed the water facility in Cherkov. After a month, very unclean yellow water was distributed. In the city big water reservoirs at crossings were supplied – far away from Mikolayev’s outskirts. Citizens dig holes in the soil to reach groundwater. It’s not clean either, needs filtering. But no, there are no water filters.